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Novatus provides cloud-based contract management software that helps manage, negotiate, and administer contractual agreements with customers, partners, suppliers and more! Let our world-class sales team show you how we can reduce costs, minimize risk, maintain compliance, integrate into your other software systems and make your processes more efficient and effective. Request a personalized demo or watch our introductory video.

Featured Solutions

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Novatus provides you with the solutions you need!

Sell Side Solutions

Close Deals Faster, Reduce Contract Cycle Time, and Control Legal Language

Buy Side Solutions

Automate Contracting Processes, Gain Visibility, and Leverage Purchasing Power

Industry Specific Solutions

Manage and Enforce Processes, Maintain Compliance, Control Legal Language, Gain Visibility, and Mitigate Risk

Departmental Solutions

Designed for every Job Function including Operations, Legal, Sales, Procurement, and more.